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Bodrum, or with its ancient name “HALICARNASSOS”, is a city of us that is a cross-point of sun, sea, nature, legends and entertainment. Being the cradle of many civilizations with its rooted history extending up to three thousand years B.C. as confirmed by the findings in Bodrum Museum , the city is also the place of birth of Heredot (484 B.C.) who is known as the father of history.

Halicarnassos was named by King Mausolus (377- 354 B.C.). The Mausoleum was erected by Princess Artemisia, who was both his sister and wife, after his death. The Mausoleum is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World by the historians after years (As known, two of the Seven Wonders are located in Turkey: The Halicarnassos Mausoleum, Bodrum; The Temple of Artemis, Ephesus) (We use the word “Mausoleum” that is derived from the name “Mausolus” as the monumental grave today).

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